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Founded in 1963, Wilmore Electronics Co., Inc. initially specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance flight-quality DC-to-DC converters for NASA, COMSAT, and Department of Defense space programs. Being careful to retain our original emphasis on engineering excellence, attention to detail and quality, we have grown and diversified. Today Wilmore operates modern production facilities in two North Carolina (USA) counties and provides state-of-the-art industrial power supplies to a wide base of domestic and export customers. An in-depth inventory facilitates prompt shipment of our standard products. Inquiries for designs tailored to specific customer requirements are equally welcome and receive prompt attention.

This website provides a general overview of our products and capabilities, as well as technical literature on our standard off-the-shelf DC - DC converters and DC - AC inverters. It can be navigated based upon application (see the graphic links below) or based upon specific product type (see the Products links at the top of this page). If you do not see the information you are looking for on these pages, or if you would like to discuss your application further with us, please contact us by email or via the telephone, fax or address information shown on this page.

Power Conversion for Demanding Applications

Oil Platform
Utility / Energy Industry
Cell Phone Tower
Data / Communications Networks
Passenger Train
Railroads / Rail Transit
City Bus
Mobile / Vehicular

New From Wilmore Electronics

Wilmore Series 1605XT DC - DC Converter
130VDC Input
(48VDC Output)
DC - DC Converters with (Optional) Remote Monitoring
Wilmore Series 1765 DC - AC Inverter
500 VA Sinewave
DC - AC Inverters
Wilmore Series 1766 DC - AC Inverter
1000 VA Sinewave
DC - AC Inverters
Wilmore Series 1747 DC - AC Inverter
2200 VA Sinewave
DC - AC Inverters
Wilmore Model 1760-48-24-8-M3
200 and 400 Watt
DC - DC Converters
Wilmore Model 1723-12-12-20
High Isolation
DC - DC Converters
Wilmore Model 1640XR-48/130-13-15
Extended Input Range
DC-DC Converters for Telecom / Mobile
Wilmore Series 1741 DC - DC Converter
DC - DC Converters