Custom-Designed and OEM Power Supplies

A large part of our work is the design and manufacture of DC-input and AC-input power supplies for OEM applications. For more than 30 years, our products have operated daily from telecom and utility station batteries, vehicular electrical systems, low-voltage industrial AC circuits and commercial AC power. We probably have had experience with applications similar to yours.

Wilmore Series 1681 and 1616

Rapid Prototyping

We combine the ability to deliver prototypes quickly and the production resources to manufacture competitively. System engineers and power supply designers face the difficult task of electrically, mechanically and thermally integrating a power supply into the system. The task can be further complicated by time constraints. Wilmore excels at this phase of program support, delivering carefully-conceived prototypes often in just a few weeks. Our responsiveness continues through to the production phase. Wilmore's two assembly plants in North Carolina were built to produce power supplies in volume. We are a competitive domestic manufacturer with the flexibility to meet difficult production schedules.

Wilmore Series 1363

Excellent Customer Service

Our New Products Group would like to hear from you. Your inquiry will be answered promptly by the people who will be responsible for the design and prototyping of your power supply. If you need a quotation on your completed specification, or if you just want to discuss your application, please contact us by email, telephone, or fax using the information shown on this page. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to meet your power conversion requirements.