Rail / Rail Transit Applications

Powerful electrical transients, severe mechanical vibration and environmental extremes are the norm for electronic equipment in the rail transportation industry. On-board and wayside power conversion must be rugged and reliable, not only withstanding a harsh electrical environment but also isolating and protecting electronic loads from it.

A few examples of power conversion for railroad/rail transit applications are described below. Our involvement in solving power conversion problems for the rail industry spans more than 30 years. If your particular application is not represented here, please contact us by email, telephone, or fax using the information shown on this page.

Wilmore Series 1620 DC - DC Converter

Voice/Data Transceivers

Voice/data transceivers and other 12-VDC electronics installed on locomotives and light-rail vehicles (LRV's) require voltage conversion, isolation and protection from the locomotive (74VDC/110VDC) or LRV (36VDC/24VDC) power bus. Wilmore offers a comprehensive line of field-proven DC - DC converters with output power ratings up to 400 watts for off-the-shelf delivery.

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Wilmore Series 1675 Isolated DC - DC Converter

Wayside Electronics

As communications-based applications involving wayside electronics become more prevalent, existing wayside battery installations are being asked to power a wide array of electronic equipment. Voltage conversion, regulation and a high degree of electrical isolation are often necessary or mandated. Wilmores' Series 1675 DC - DC converters are available with nominal inputs of 12 or 24 VDC and with regulated, isolated outputs of 12, 24 or 48 VDC at up to 200 watts. Designed to operate over a wide ambient temperature range (-40°C to +70°C) and well-protected from system faults, these converters are ideally suited for wayside/remote-site applications.

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Wilmore Series 1500 Rack-mount DC - DC Converter

Microwave Radio Backbones

Railroads own and operate some of the largest microwave radio "backbones" in the world. Powering ancillary communications equipment from battery systems at microwave radio sites often requires voltage conversion, regulation, isolation and/or polarity conversion. Our rack-mount DC - DC converters are available for all common battery voltages from 12 to 130 VDC to provide power for wireless transceivers, RF amplifiers, telemetry equipment and other electronic loads. Multiple converters can be paralleled for fault-tolerant redundancy and/or additional power.

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Wilmore Series 1765 Rack-mount DC - AC Inverter

Track-side and Remote Equipment Sites

Uninterruptible AC power for track-side and remote equipment sites is essential for electronics designed to operate from utility power. A Wilmore DC - AC inverter matched to a new or existing battery system can provide continuous power in the event of a commercial power outage to keep equipment operating and, if necessary, protected from the commercial AC source. We offer several series of DC - AC Inverters for use with 12, 24 48 and 130 VDC battery systems at power levels up to 2,200 volt-amperes.

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