Data / Communications Networks Applications

As network implementations of all types continue their rapid growth, different communications technologies are increasingly co-located in the same equipment site, where the power requirements for one system may be at odds with others. Wilmore DC - DC converters and DC - AC inverters simplify the task of providing multiple DC voltages and/or uninterruptible AC power, both for initial installations and for subsequent site expansions.

A few examples of Wilmore's power conversion products for data and communications network applications are described below. We have been powering communications systems for more than 30 years. If your particular application is not represented here, please contact us by email, telephone, or fax using the information shown on this page.

Wilmore Series 1722 DC - DC Converter

Telecom Equipment

Powering -48 VDC telecom equipment at sites with 24 VDC battery systems (and vice versa) involves voltage conversion, isolation and polarity reversal. Wilmore offers modular plug-in DC - DC converters with features including high power density, N+1 redundancy and remote alarm capability.

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Wilmore Series 1765 Rack-mount DC - AC Inverter

Network Components

Many network components require uninterrupted AC power at sites where commercial ac power is unreliable or unavailable. Our DC - AC inverters can provide continuous power in the event of a commercial power outage or in the absence of a commercial AC source. We manufacture DC - AC inverters for use with 12, 24, 48 and 130 VDC battery systems at power levels up to 2,200 volt-amperes.

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Wilmore Series 1500 Rack-mount DC - DC Converter

Ancillary Network Equipment

As network-to-network interfaces continue to multiply, equipment sites often require unanticipated combinations of electrical power. Powering ancillary network equipment from an incompatible battery voltage is an increasingly common power conversion problem. Wilmore rack-mount DC - DC converters are available for all common battery voltages from 12 to 130 VDC to provide power for wireless transceivers, RF amplifiers, telemetry/control equipment and other electronic loads. Multiple converters can be paralleled for fault-tolerant redundancy and/or additional power.

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